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Jack Wiley, grandson of Dorothy Stemler, founder of Roses of Yesterday and Today, assists behind the scenes with plant production and photography at Roses of Yesterday and Today . He is one of the three founders of the innovative software company which licenses technology for creating custom characters, Haptek, Inc., .

Guinivere (Jenny Vestal) Wiley met Jack Wiley in Santa Cruz, CA in 1996. Jack had taken photography classes from her Uncle, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Sam Vestal. The Wiley's family home was only two blocks away from Guinivere's father's childhood home (Jim Vestal, award winning photographer and retired photo editor). Although Guinivere grew up in Sacramento, CA, it was as if she married the boy next door. Jack was her grandmother's paper boy!

Jack and Guinivere met the year his mother and father closed down the rose business, in 1996. Guinivere suggested opening the garden on the honor system, so the garden and potted roses would be available every day year-round. In 1998, Guinivere began running Roses of Yesterday and Today with Jack's help, and in 1999 they married. In December, 2000, they had their son and the business has continued to be a family affair.

Guinivere currently indulges her love of painting by offering customers custom painted vases for their roses. Besides managing the day to day tasks at Roses of Yesterday, she also teaches about Emotional Intelligence and is the Operations Director at the non-profit organization Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network (




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