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1 and 2 Gallon Own Root Potted Roses Available for Sale at the Garden Open Every Day from 9 to 4.

Can be shipped anytime of year!

We have teamed with one of the best growers in the industry with over 30 years of experience to bring you 1 & 2 gallon own root roses.

1 gallon Own Root Rose plants are $19.95 each

2 gallon Own Root Rose plants are $29.95 each

We will confirm your order and the best time of delivery for you by e-mail response. You may print out the completed form on your computer and mail a check payable to Roses of Yesterday (address will be on order form). Shipping costs are $14.00 for 1 Gallon plants and $20.00 for the larger 2 gallon plant in CA and NV, $25. in other Western States. An additional $10. will be added for shipments east of Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii. Gift Orders will include a catalog and gift card with your personal message.

We ship U.S. Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery).  We prefer to ship potted roses Monday and Tuesday, so they will arrive by Friday of the same week.

Cost of Shipping 1 Gallon to CA, NV, OR, WA, ID: for 1 for $14, 2 for $18., 3 for $25., 4 for $30, 5 for $35. and 6 for $40.

Cost of Shipping 1 Gallon east of Nevada: 1 for $20, 2 for $32, 3 for $45., 4 for $50., 5 for $65. and 6 for $75.

Cost of Shipping 2 Gallon to CA and NV: 1 for $20., 2 for $25.

Cost of Shipping 2 Gallon to OR, WA, ID:  1 for $25., 2 for $35.

Cost of Shipping 2 Gallon east of Nevada: 1 for $35., 2 for $45.

You may pick up daily, phone in your order to reserve or check availability (831)728-1901, or order on our secure order form

Privacy:  We will never share or sell your personal information.

Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"

ALCHYMIST. Large-Flowered Climber. (1956) 8-20 feet. Yellow with orange shading. Strong fragrance. Once annual bloom. Zones 4-9.

ALTISSIMO Climbing Floribunda. (1966) 7-15 feet. Red. Mild, clove fragrance. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

BALLERINA Hybrid Musk. (1937) 6 feet. Pink edges with white center. Mild musk fragrance. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

BARON GIROD DE L'AIN Hybrid Perpetual. (1897) 3-5 feet. Burgundy red with white edges. Fragrant. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 6-10.

BLANC DOUBLE DE COUBERT  Rugosa. (1892) 3-5 feet. Flowers repeatedly. White. Zones 3-9.

CARDINAL DE RICHELIEU Gallica. (1840) 4-5 feet. Strong Fragrance. One annual flowering. Zones 3-9. (kar-dee-NAHL duh reesh-LYUH) *Larger pots only


Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"



FRANCIS E. LESTER Hybrid Musk Rambler. (1946) 8-16 feet. Moderate fragrance. White with pale pink edges. Once annual bloom. Zones 6-10

GOLDEN WINGS Shrub. (1956) 5-6 feet. Mild Tea Fragrance. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

GREEN ROSE  Rosa Viridiflora.

GRUSS AN AACHEN Floribunda. (1909) 2-3 feet. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10. (groose ahn AH-ken)


HAPPENSTANCE/MINIATURE MERMAID 3 feet. Yellow. Light fragrance. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 7. Zones 6-10. 2 gallon only available.


ICEBERG, CLIMBING. Climbing Floribunda. (1968) 8-10 feet.  Flowers repeatedly.  Zones 4-9.

JOSEPH'S COAT, CLIMBING. Large flowered climber.  (1964)  6-8 feet.  Blooms repeatedly.

Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"

LA REINE Hybrid Perpetual. (1842) 4 feet. Pink. Fragrant. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 5-10.  1 or 2 Gallon.

LOUISE ODIER Bourbon, 1851. 5 ft.  Deep pink. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 5-10.




Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"


NEWPORT FAIRY Rambler. (1908) 12-25 feet. White Center with Bright Pink Edges. One long annual bloom. Zones 5-9.

PARSONS PINK CHINA Old Blush. (1943) 3-10 feet. Fragrant. Repeat Bloom. Zones 7-10.


PEARL DRIFT Hybrid Bracteata/Shrub.. (1980) White/pink edges. 3-4 feet. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 6-10.

PINK PILLAR Brownell Pillar. (1940) 6-10 feet. Fragrant. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 4-10.




Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"


REINE DES VIOLETTES Hybrid Perpetual. (1860) 5-8 feet. Fragrant. Flowers repeatedly. (wren day vee-oh-LETT) Zones 5-9.


ROSE DE RESCHT  Autumn Damask. (Date Unknown) 3 feet. Fuschia.  Strong Fragrance. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 4-9.

RUSSELLI ANA"Old Spanish Rose"/Scarlet Grevillia. Hybrid Multiflora. Prior to 1926. 10’ – 20’ (10’ width). Strong Fragrance. One long annual bloom. Zones 3-9.

Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"

SALLY HOLMES Shrub.  (1976)  6-7 feet. Apricot/White.  Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-9.


SOMBREUIL Large Flowered Climber. (1880) Ivory/White 7-12 feet. Moderate Fragrance. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 6-10.

SOUVENIR DE ST. ANNE Souvenir de St. Anne.  Bourbon. (before 1916) 4-6 feet. Pale Pink. Fragrant. Zones 5-10

THE FAIRYPolyantha.  (1941)  2-3 1/2 feet. Repeat bloom.  Zones 4-9.

VEILCHENBLAU Hybrid Multiflora Rambler. (1909) 12 feet. Purple. Fragrant.  One annual bloom. Zone 4-10.

WILD GINGER Griffith Buck.  Grandiflora.  (1976)  4 feet. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 4-10.

WHITE DAWN, CL. Large Flowered Climber.  (1949)  10-12 feet.  Blooms repeatedly.  Zones 4-9.

Please see full descriptions and larger photos on the link: "Our Roses"


December 22, 2013

The "Hot Cocoa" rose we got @ your place a few months ago is awesome! It not only is a beautiful color, it smells wonderful!

G. Gagne

July 31, 2013

This is a beautiful place to go.

C. Moran-Steen

April 17, 2013

I love these rose growers! Finest rose growers I have ever had the pleasure doing business with.

T. McPherson


April 21, 2011
Dear Guinivere,
My rose arrived today in splendid condition! There are thirteen buds, healthy canes and leaves, and it was packed so well for the long trip. I am thrilled!
Twenty-five years ago, on my first trip to the uk, I spotted the unforgettable Lavender Pinocchio and never forgot its beauty. None of the places from whom I usually order seemed to carry it. Well, now I finally have one of my own to admire and paint. I am so impressed with your nursery - thank you! 

Best From,
Pat G.   Rumney, NH

April 21, 2011
Dear Guinivere, Thank you so much for Reine des Violettes,she arrived wednsday and absolutely beautifull and very grown up, full of buds. Have a good day.

Svetlana, California

February 18, 2011
Dainty Bess arrived and was taken out of the box
and watered right away. She looks great!    Robin

February 11, 2011

Dear Guinivere:
The roses arrived in good condition. We had some freezing temperatures last week. The roses were kept in the garage. All is all it's a "so far so good."
By the way - you were right about the own-root roses from you - they're larger and stronge than some other vendor.
I'll keep you posted of their conditons. Thank you.  Tung, Nevada

April 14, 2010
The own root potted roses arrived safely today and look lovely. Thank you again for your help.

April 16, 2010
Thank you! My order arrived the other day, and it was nice to see a couple of flower buds on it. Will be ordering more soon!
S. Dierolf

April 15, 2010
The potted Sombreuil arrived this afternoon. It is in good shape.
J. Goe

May 23, 2010

It was wonderful to visit among the redwoods and the creek! The roses are amazing!

Reyna R.


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