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Roses of Yesterday & Today
No, a rose is not just a rose, especially to those who love them. From hybrid teas to florabundas, they are colorful children, fragrant aunties, incandescent movie stars, each with a personality of its own. Then there's a whole bunch of rosarians who dig older beauties, heirloom varieties of roses that date back hundreds of years. These folks shop their blooming hearts out at Roses of Yesterday & Today, a gardener's paradise that showcases more than 300 varieties of old, rare and unusual roses throughout its lush gardens. Whether your taste runs toward a heady Autumn Damask or a crimson Eugene deBauharnais, chances are co-owner Guinevere Wiley has it or can get it for you. Drop by or order online; either way, the blushing beauties are waiting for you. (803 Browns Valley Rd., Corralitos; 728-1901; by Kelly Luker, Metro Santa Cruz


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